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Given that our habits are mostly unconscious, that is to say, that they are so automatic that we don't even notice them, it would be very difficult to change them by ourselves. We need a teacher to guide us, to help us to be aware of our patterns and to re-educate our sensory perception so that it becomes reliable. Through the new experiences that the lessons bring, the process of change, learning and control of the self begins.

Practising the Alexander Technique does not involve doing exercises but rather exploring what you have learned in lessons and applying this to all daily activities. In general, a basic recommendation is to practise "conscious and constructive rest" every day.

The number of lessons depends on each individual case and the student's interest in deepening their learning process.

It is not necessary to wear special clothing. Normal clothing is fine though it should be comfortable and loose enough not to restrict movement.

Group classes can be a good introduction and may also provide a complement to individual lessons. They provide basic knowledge and facilitate the exchange of experiences. However, in order to engage in a process of profound change it is essential to receive individual lessons.

Lessons normally last between 30 and 60 minutes, as agreed by the teacher and student.

It is recommended that lessons are taken as often as possible at the beginning, two or three times a week, and then after that once a week for several weeks. After this period, it is recommended that follow-up lessons are taken from time to time.

Training to be a teacher certified in the Alexander Technique takes three years (1,600 teaching hours) in any of the schools recognized by the various teachers' associations. New students are admitted at the beginning of each term. Check our section
Training Schools in Spain.