“Recover lightness. Periodically return to regaining the pleasure of using each joint in our body. I think I got to the Technique by being curious about how to improve the use of my voice and my posture. I remember the skepticism with which I went to the lessons and even the shame I had when speaking about the technique to my family and friends. It’s an unconventional discipline that simply works.

The process is long, not to say endless. However, it is difficult to be discouraged because the improvement is constant and touches everything in one’s life. Each movement, each action, each intention gradually frees itself from resistance.

The Alexander Technique helped me understand myself, but also to observe others without making any judgment: in life and in my profession. In sports movement is everything, but so too is intention. Reaching that state of mental flow and lightness is the door to “high performance.”

Agustín, 28, Director of the FCB school in São Paulo, Brasil


“For my work I spend many hours sitting in front of my computer, or standing, or on airplanes.  This used to cause frequent muscle pain, especially in my back and feet. Thanks to the Alexander Technique I have learned to become aware of my body and to manage pain, thus reducing it greatly. It also helps me to be aware of myself and to realize what is happening to me in the present moment. For me it is a new way of living that is much fuller and more intense”

Manel, 47. Industrial engineer

“My experience with the Alexander Technique has been entirely positive. It has taught me that another way of walking, sitting, moving, or standing is possible. Now I can spend hours working in front of the computer without suffering back pain.
The harmony of body and mind that the Technique provides is helpful for any activity. And best of all, it doesn’t cost a lot to learn it. A few sessions with a specialist who accompanies you through the process and shows you the basic principles of the technique and you already begin to notice the effects. Without a doubt, I can recommend it if you want to improve your quality of life.”

University teacher, 47.


“I was at a stage in my life where I was getting to know my mind and body and the way my body moves when I discovered the Alexander Technique. Working with this technique has brought about a noticeable change in my stress release valve, which is dancing Balboa. I stopped controlling each movement and searching for perfection in order to learn how to flow, to move without additional, unnecessary tension, to know how to wait and listen, to be available for movement. This change was perceived not only by me but also by those around me. It was a change that was first seen in my dancing, but which is also beginning to be perceived in my day to day life.”

L.Z.L. Architect


“I never thought words did justice to the Alexander Technique. Even so I always try to find words to recommend it. For many ailments it helps where medicine cannot. For one’s well-being it offers a wonderful way of attending to the body and the mind; for rediscovering the bond between the two, and for enabling us to interact with what surrounds us in an enriched way. There is continuous movement inside each of us, which deploys the supports which open out into song, dance, steps, embraces.”

Leonora, 60. 
Médico especialista en diagnóstico por la imagen


“When I first learned about the technique I was deeply interested in the relationship between body and mind. At first I thought that working on my body could also improve my mind but as I progressed in the lessons I realized that it was a two-way path because it was in fact my thoughts that were the most important tool for making my body more effective. Thanks to this, I have significantly improved my ability to concentrate and it is easier for me to be aware of the present moment. From a strictly physical point of view, my body has discovered a new way of relating to gravity that allows me to walk or sit in a lighter and more efficient way. My frequent back problems and headaches have improved remarkably and many times I “see” them coming and by applying the Technique I can prevent them from taking hold.”

  Xavier, 53. Financial markets expert


“Alexander Technique lessons are not only providing me with a way to correct unhelpful postural habits but also offer a fantastic therapeutic means of focusing on the present moment, calming the mind and reconciling it with the rest of the body, generating a great feeling of lightness and well-being.”

Gloria, 47. Radiologist